Rapidly becoming a fixture in some of the UK’s leading chains including Clarins and Dove, a revolutionary range of support pillows spell the end of rolled-up towels and discomfort for large-breasted, breastfeeding, pregnant or the rapidly growing number of surgically-enhanced spa treatment lovers. The Ladypillo range offers optimum comfort and relaxation to spa customers through ergonomically designed devices that provide support without constricting sensitive breast tissue, via strategically ‘hollowed out’ curves. Research into its design and creation came after speaking to hundreds of therapists and treatment providers (as well as users!) from all around the UK, and rigorous testing over many months.

The most recent statistics from the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) show that breast augmentation is still the commonest surgical procedure, and the number of women undergoing ‘boob jobs’ rose by over 50% in the last five years. With the influence of curvier celebrities such as Christina Hendricks (and a reported increase in demand for so-called ‘Mad Men’-style conical breast implants) it is not surprising that even plastic surgeons have taken notice of the Ladypillo’s more appropriate ergonomics.

The average breast size has increased from 34B in the 1950’s to 36C nowadays, yet this is the first time a specially designed range of memory foam cushions is created to eliminate pressure points on in this area. Ladypillo cushions absorb the upper body weight, relieving pressure on the breasts and offering more abdominal and back support. Suitable for all, it has proven to act as a support device for those with larger busts, offers additional comfort for those with breasts that may be tender, e.g. new mothers, those pre and post menstrual, post operative and can even work as a home product to provide added comfort for those who sleep on their front.

According to consultant plastic and reconstructive surgeon Atul Khanna,”With breasts becoming larger over time and the continued popularity of augmentation surgery, it seems appropriate that products make adjustments and cater for the female shape. It’s the natural evolution of ergonomics and one that I hope fashion and other industries consider following – women’s bodies are not, and never have been two-dimensional!”

LadyPillowEach Ladypillo product is made from 100% memory foam, which reacts and responds to the body’s heat and weight, to mould and support the body’s natural contours, thus resulting in ultimate customer comfort and satisfaction. The pillows return to their original shape after each treatment.

Chloe Nelson, Director at Ladypillo, comments, “Treatments and spa experiences have been revolutionised over the years with comfort becoming the main priority however there was a gaping hole in the market for something so crucial to this aim. Our mission for Ladypillo is to transform the comfort and relaxation of treatment experiences and leave women feeling they can relax completely and feel tension-free. Ladypillo has serves an important purpose that ordinary salon furniture and rolled up towels just can’t beat and as an industry we must evolve with the growing needs of women!”

Designed and manufactured in the UK, Ladypillo is can be shipped worldwide. The Ladypillo products are currently for sale via the website – www.ladypillo.com and are priced at £59.99.