Massage World – Product Review


Ladypillo is a great solution to the discomfort that can arise during massage, acupuncture or other treatments given to women while lying on their stomach, whether they are pregnant, recovering from surgery, or simply large-breasted.
The pillow appears quite smart, with a white cover that is non-allergenic, anti-bacterial, breathable, waterproof, and machine-washable. The Ladypillo looks nice from the outside and, upon testing, surpassed expectations.
Constructed of 100% memory foam, the Ladypillo is designed ergonomically to not only reduce pressure on the breast tissues, but also to support the back and create a healthy stretch between the abdomen and hips. Additionally, the shoulders and upper chest area are raised, which pushes the shoulders back a bit and helps open up the chest.
Just like putting on a well-made garment and immediately being able to recognize its quality, the Ladypillo is certainly a product of research and development, with
the natural shape of womens’ bodies in mind.