Beauty & the Boob

As a former Beauty Therapist, I have frequently considered the discomfort the bigger-boobed of my clients may feel when supposed to be enjoying a back, neck and shoulder massage. After all, massage beds come complete with head hole and until the recent introduction of the TOWIE style boob-hole bed, a pretty critical feature could be missing. The Ladypillo is now being introduced into some of the leading spa chains, including Clarins and Dove, as a revolutionary range of professional breast and treatment support pillows.

Appropriately hailed as your ‘new breast friend’ the ergonomically designed support pillows provide support without constricting sensitive breast tissue. Research into the design and creation of the product came after speaking to hundreds of therapists and treatment providers from all around the UK, and rigorous testing over years. I was lucky enough for the fab folks at Ladypillo to value my humble opinion, and let me play around with this impressive gadget.

So what sparked this idea off? Despite average breast sizes increasing from 34B in the 1950′s to 36C nowadays and the continued popularity of breast augmentation, Ladypillo is interestingly the first company to produce a specially designed range of memory foam (i <3 this stuff!) cushions that eliminate pressure points. Ladypillos absorb the upper body weight, therefore offering more abdominal and back support. Other beneficiaries of the Ladypillo include new mothers, pre/post mentstual and post operative patient, whose chests could all do with a little TLC. From a techy point of view, the pillows come with a removable, non-allergenic, anti-bacterial, breathable, waterproof cover, which is fully machine-washable at high temperatures. The Ladypillo products are currently for sale via the website – and are priced at £59.99.