What is the Ladypillo used for?

It’s an exceptionally soft and supportive breast pillow, ideal for massage, treatments or women who sleep on their front. In particular when breasts are sensitive due to pre and post menstrual, pre and post natal, pre and post operative and breast feeding.  The pillow is also great for helping to retain good breast shape.

How does the Ladypillo work?

It reduces the first point of pressure on the breasts for women when laying on their front.   The pillow provides support and comfort eliminates the pressure and discomfort.  The memory foam contours mould to the shape of the body and provide the ultimate treatment position.

Does the Ladypillo come in different sizes?

The ladypillo is designed to reduce the first point of pressure for women of any shape or size.

What are the products made from?

All products are made from 100% memory foam which reacts and responds to the body’s heat and weight and molds to support the contours of the body.  Each product has a non-allergenic, removable Polytran cover.

What is memory foam?

A temperature sensitive, pressure-relieving material that moulds to the contours of the body. The memory foam material provides unparalleled support and returns to its original shape after every treatment.

What is Polytran?

Polytran fabric is made to medical standards. The material is fully waterproof yet breathable too.  This antibacterial fabric can be wiped clean, but also machine-washable at up to 75°C, offering complete protection against fluid spillages.

How can I clean my products?

The removable covers are wipe clean, can be sprayed with an antibacterial agent and are fully removable to machine wash at high temperatures up to 75oC.  Spare covers are also available to purchase – please contact us direct to find out more.

Where are the products made?

All products are designed and manufactured in the UK.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, Ladypillo products can be shipped anywhere in the world.