Helen Westmoreland-Nicholson, Langdale Spa

“The Ladypillo gives total relief for so many ladies who can now enjoy therapies without discomfort – a fantastic innovation”

Mary Gillmore, Director, Beauty Essence

“We found the Ladypillo to be very relaxing for all our clients, especially the larger busted clients! We do a lot of massage so this is a real bonus for us. We also have clients who have breast implants, so the Ladypillo makes massage so much better for these clients. All 3 of our branches – City, Mayfair & Soho have the Ladypillo & we all love it! xxx”

Maureen Warwick, Therapist, The London Clinic

“So far everyone who’s used the Ladypillo has said how much more comfortable their massages have been. All our radiotherapy ladies who’ve had previous breast surgery say it’s a real godsend!”

Gemma Winter, Owner, Bella Vita Beauty

“We LOVE using your products during treatments. Our clients always comment on how wonderfully comfortable they are – they never want to get up at the end of their treatments!!!”

Jason Anderson, Movement3

“The Ladypillo is great!  Clients seem so much more at ease now… allowing us to deliver far more effective treatments!”